Greater Los Angeles Area Economy

California Forward has a great blog post up about what can happen when a community comes together to try and elevate its regional economy. 

The way we collaborate in Silicon Valley is critical to making this ecosystem work

What They Are Saying Around California

Check out these headlines coming out of from forums held throughout regions in California:

Inland Daily Bulletin: Education, regulatory reform voted as Inland Empire business priorities
Better transportation networks, higher college graduation rates and an easing of regulatory burdens emerged as popular ideas Wednesday during a summit meeting that was convened as part of an ongoing attempt to figure out how to save the regional and state economies.

Central Valley Business Times: Regional economic summit March 29 to focus on ag
The California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley holds the San Joaquin Valley Regional Economic Summit on March 29 in Fresno, which will focus attention on the San Joaquin Valley’s agricultural value chain.

Mercury News Economic Summit looks for solutions
The Bay Area economy has bounced back from the recession, but experts warned Monday that long-term challenges still loom. The region also must figure out how to expand the benefits from the economic rebound beyond the well-paid and highly skilled workers in the industries that are rebounding most strongly. (see video)

CAEconomy Blog: Sierra leaders roll up sleeves for economy
On Monday, business and civic leaders from the Sierra region went to work identifying opportunities, challenges, best practices, and regional and state actions to support eight economic clusters: technology, professional services, hospitality and tourism, arts and entertainment, energy, construction, and resource management.

Press Release: Leaders Meet to Develop Plan for Economic Prosperity
Today, Orange County Business Council hosted 120 business and community leaders for the inaugural Orange County Economic Development Forum, presented by Bank of America. The forum featured a panel of experts representing Orange County’s leading industry clusters and audience discussion on the critical regional and state actions that are needed to create jobs, restore competitiveness and secure California as a leader in economic growth.

Check out Silicon Valley’s Regional Economic Forum:

With companies like Apple and Google in the region, the Silicon Valley is the innovation capital of the Golden State. But, the recession did some damage even to this area’s economy, slashing 100,000 jobs during the downturn starting in 2008. While not like the boom times of 90’s, the Valley is on a slow mend and has added 42,000 jobs. California Forward's Cheryl Getuiza gives an overview in this video report, leading up to the Silicon Valley Regional Economic Forum on March 30.

Over the past 20 years, numerous studies have been conducted that diagnose the many challenges facing the California economy. We are blessed with experts on every aspect of the economy from all regions of the state. We also have leaders who care deeply about the future of California and want to make a contribution to improve our economy and quality of life. We also have many forums for groups to work on different elements of our economy. What has been missing is a process that brings together these different leaders from regions across the state with their unique expertise in a purposeful way that allows them to actively participate in developing signature impacts that will create a better economic future for all Californians.
Collaborative Economics CEO Doug Henton on the unique California “process” in Convergence of Leadership, Participation and Expertise
I don't live in the LA area. Can I still vote?

Yes, you can still vote. However, when you register for the survey it will ask you to identify the county you reside in. This will group your answers with others from your region.

All of California’s diverse regions are participating in this ongoing process. Your ideas, along with those presented by your neighbors, will help guide our conclusions at the Can-Do California Summit in May as we ask statewide public officials to act on a number of solutions derived from these forums.

Here is a look at how Greater Los Angeles Area residents, business owners, and students view their region’s economy.
Do you have an opinion about what really matters for California’s economic future? Vote now!

Here is a look at how Greater Los Angeles Area residents, business owners, and students view their region’s economy.

Do you have an opinion about what really matters for California’s economic future? Vote now!